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                            ANGER MANAGEMENT

  So to start with what anger is? Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense furry and rage .

Moreover, like other emotions it is accomplished by physiological and biological changes that is when you get angry your heart rate and blood pressure go up, as do the level of your energy . If you get angry its very normal everyone does get angry even do i, but its destructive when it gets out of control.

It also can lead to many problems such as in work and personal life. So management of anger is very necessary. Anger management doesn’t mean that you will never get angry but instead it means learning how to cope and express your anger in healthy and productive way.so it is not at all difficult to learn everyone can learn it.

Here are some of the ways of managing your anger-
1) When you feel angry just count down till 10 or if it's getting on nerves than count till 50 this will    make you decreases your heart rate and your anger will come into control.
 2) You breath very fast whenever you get angry so take slow breath with your nose.
 3) One of the most effective method is do exercise as it will help you to calm down.

Anger managment

 4) Try to relax various muscles in your body , one at a time
 5) Repeating some positive words can also help you to calm down and refocus so keep repeating  them when  you are angry.
 6) Yoga can also control your body and harness your emotions so practice when frustrated
 7) Listening and playing music can also change your mood .

Anger Management

I am sure this article would be helpful. For any queries drop a comment.
                                                                                                              -gurpreet kaur .


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